Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Third Post: Friends

It's been a hundred plus days since I've been in California and I have yet to make a friend. A real one, who you can talk to with anything your minds can think of. Guys and gals to share good and bad memories with. People who help you to get over the hump.

They are people who make your simple life complicated and your complicated life simple. They help you out from the way you choose your clothes for some occasion to to just helping you to get up to start your daily grind. Right now it sucks that I can't help out the friends I left behind in Manila. I can only rely so much on Social Networking Sites (SNS) to get updates on what's happening. I feel like I'm letting people down because I can't help them sort out s***. A few days ago up until now I have a good friend that's been crying because of some unexplained crap. A few hours ago another friend just vented out at me because of a problem at work. The only thing I can do is help them in calming down and telling them what I think is the right thing to do. And there's this other friend that I can't contact because her boyfriend is too jealous of me that since he can access my friend's SNS accts, I was blocked.

It ain't easy to find people like that here I can tell you that in all honesty. People here my age have a very different lifestyle. They mature very early here that many are heavy drinkers, or raising kids because of unwanted pregnancy. I'm a guy who loves to talk and interact with people. Starting off with the most simple ideas, the people around us, and even the utter stupid stuff. 

Right now I really do appreciate SNS that are too many to mention. It's a big help in getting me through the depression, the stress, the longing to talk to real people. Although at times it sucks that can't talk with them personally, I can feel their presence at least and it gets me to survive the day.

How I wish that I can tell them face to face how thankful I am to have real friends like them. I appreciate everything even the smallest of things. I really hope to be able to see them all again very soon.